Fresh Produce Inventory Traceability Software Updates!

WaudWare’s Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) Helps Produce Businesses Improve Performance! Does your current software package help you deal with the real world complexities of managing fresh produce? If you’re a Wholesaler, Jobber, Distributor, Broker, Grower/Farmer, Shipper, Packer, in the business of distributing fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, nuts and seeds, you should be…Read More

Would “Real Time Alerts” Improve Your Business?

We have been asked by a customer to add code to Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software so that when certain events occur, they get emailed immediately. In their case, they want to know when a stock item falls below a certain inventory level, as well as when the quantity in a lot goes to…Read More

Mike & Mike’s Celebrate 10 Years…

Congratulations on your 10th anniversary, Mike Fronte and Mike Dattoli! Mike & Mike’s Organics is dedicated to providing a vast selection of certified organic fruits, vegetables and healthy snacks. WaudWare and Mike & Mike’s have been working together since 2004 when they purchased the Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software. From our team to yours,…Read More

Now you can print storage unit details in PICS!

We have enhanced the Picking Slip printing program to print the storage unit details for those items which are storage unit controlled in our Produce Inventory Control System – PICS – software. Note that the shipment(s) would need to have been posted for these details to appear. 00000

Costing Charges for Expected Vendors

We have added the ability to specify an Expected Vendor when setting up costing charges in Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software. 00000

Region of Export now displayed in Produce Inventory Control System software

We have added the Region of Export to the Vendor, and Purchase Order Ship From Screens in Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software. You can now set up your confirmation of sale form to show the city and region of export in box 5b. 00000

Change Customer Currency

We have enhanced the customer screen such that you can change the currency of a customer as long as there are no Sales Orders, A/R Vouchers and/or Brokerage Orders in the PICS system for them 00000

Prevent deletions on Brokerage Purchaser Items screen

We have added code to the Brokerage Purchaser Items screen to prevent users from deleting a record if it has been used for a brokerage order. If one of these records is no longer needed, it should be made inactive. 00000

Weight now displayed on Load Costing Details Report

We have added the display of weight to the load costing details report in Produce Inventory Control System software. 00000

Smarter Sales Order System for Future Prices

We have enhanced the Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) sales order system such that if you use future prices, then the system will look ahead to see if there is a future price for an item when entering a sales order. It uses the date portion of the batch number to do this. 00000