Canadian Produce Industry Updates

Recent CPMA Advocacy Efforts Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, CPMA has continued its efforts to advocate for our industry’s needs and priorities with government and elected officials, including the need for improved employment incentive programs, supports for businesses purchasing Personal Protective Equipment, flexibility in food labelling requirements, and the implementation of a financial protection tool for…Read More

Software Updates for the Fresh Produce Industry

Produce Industry Update, by F. Charles Waud… In the coming weeks, there will be updated guidelines for PTI case labels. We are working on implementing these changes into our Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software now. If you print PTI case labels, you can get ready for these changes by ensuring that the UPC and…Read More

Shortcuts for Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) Software

Action Short Cut Keys Function The PICS program has been designed to allow the user to use keyboard short-cuts to achieve the same results, which some users find is faster than using the mouse. The following is a list of actions that can be performed via keyboard short-cut keys. To access the pull down menu,…Read More

PICS Enhancements and Produce Industry Update

Produce Industry Update, by F. Charles Waud… The Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) has developed an extensive resource page for Canadian fresh produce businesses. Follow this link to access information, including a Guide to Government Financial Support due to COVID-19 and the Prime Minister’s announcements regarding additional support for small businesses. Our unwavering commitment to…Read More

Can PICS Help My Business Manage Exchange Rates?

There is a CodeRunner script that can automatically update the exchange rate in PICS. This feature will help you manage the affects of fluctuating exchange rates, i.e. due to COVID-19. You can learn more by pressing F1 in PICS and searching for “Exchange Rates” or contacting us. We’re here to help!

Fresh News from WaudWare this Month!

Welcome Agrimport Canada… We are pleased to announce our newest PICS customer, Agrimport Canada of Mississauga, Ontario. Agrimport specializes in 100% natural fruit puree.   PICS Help: How to Export Accounts Payable Payments… This month we’re featuring How to Export A/P Payments, which may be especially helpful during the COVID-19 pandemic. It means you will…Read More

Software for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Produce Industry Update, by F. Charles Waud… Did you know – Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software includes an option that can automatically update the exchange rate! This feature will help your fresh produce business manage the affects of fluctuating exchange rates due to COVID-19. Contact us for more information. The Canadian Produce Marketing Association…Read More

Proud Sponsor of the 2020 CPMA Annual Convention and Trade Show

Even though the 2020 CPMA Convention & Trade Show has been cancelled, we are proud to be a supporter and Friend of CPMA.  The 2020 CPMA Convention & Trade Show was to be held from Tuesday, May 12 to Thursday, May 14 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (South Building). Learn more about WaudWare and…Read More

Thank You Fresh Produce Industry!

Amidst all the negative news surrounding COVID-19 came this email message on March 18th from CPMA President, Ron Lemaire, thanking members of our industry for their continued efforts in ensuring fresh produce availability. Bravo! “On behalf of CPMA, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you, our members, for your significant efforts in ensuring…Read More

How Can I Achieve Lot Control in PICS?

Lot Control with Automatic Traceability is Possible with PICS… Step 1:  Watch this PICS Video. It shows what running lot control – complete with work orders – is all about. Step 2: Implement Lot Control. This involves switching on a flag in the Stock Items you plan to track (likely all of them). Press F1…Read More