Can PICS help with new Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Compliance Requirements?

In a word, yes! Beginning April 1, 2019, importers of fresh produce are required to notify CBSA of changes to purchase orders for items such as quantity, price and origin – regardless of whether or not there is duty or GST payable. When these changes are made in PICS, they can easily be reported. Background…Read More

Best Inventory and Accounting Software for Fresh Produce

PICS automatically integrates traceability into its inventory and accounting software. Why buy two separate software packages – one for traceability and one for inventory and accounting – when you can get everything you’ll ever need (and more) with Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) Software! Created for the fast-paced fresh fruit and vegetable industry, PICS takes…Read More

WaudWare Announces Strategic Partnership

WaudWare Incorporated announces a strategic partnership to provide best in class CIS Continuous Improvement Software for full compliance with SQF / FSSC 22000 / ISO 22000 / HACCP / GFSI / SFCR / FSMA regulations. Manage your entire food safety and quality system with CIS Continuous Improvement Software. Meets full compliance standards with FSMA and…Read More

Customizable Fresh Produce Software

Produce Software for Inventory, Traceability and more… Looking for ONE software package that handles Inventory AND Traceability functions for your fresh produce business? You need PICS – Produce Inventory Control System software by WaudWare. Maintaining accurate inventory records involves entering receipts, shipments, adjustments and other transactions. Traceability information should be an automatic outcome of these…Read More

How Does PICS Software Handle Produce Recalls?

Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software by WaudWare has always provided users with the ability to fully trace inventory items and non-produce items (packaging materials). PICS traceability allows you to conduct recalls quickly by gathering data through reports and/or screens. PICS allows you to either run your inventory in a lot-controlled environment (R) or static…Read More

Software Solutions for the Fresh Produce Industry!

Cutting Edge Software that Automatically Handles Government Regulations. New government legislation has produce industry business owners looking for a reliable software system that handles inventory, accounting, and traceability and more, all in one package. That’s PICS by WaudWare! Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) accounting and inventory software is a powerful software solution created especially for…Read More

WaudWare Incorporated: Proud Sponsor of CPMA

CPMA Annual Convention and Trade Show 2019 The 2019 Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) Annual Convention and Trade Show is being held at Palais des Congrès de Montréal from April 2 – 4 2019. We’re proud to be a CPMA Friend supporter for this event. You can learn more about the CPMA Convention and Trade…Read More

Safe Food for Canadians Regulations: Timelines – Fresh Fruit or Vegetables

Safe Food for Canadians Regulations: Timelines – Fresh Fruit or Vegetables The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has published a helpful timetable for businesses in the fresh produce industry. Follow the link and “Use the timetable to find out when you will need to comply with those requirements of the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR)…Read More

Are You Signed Up for Food Recalls?

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says you should be! It’s important to sign up to receive food recalls and to follow CFIA on social media channels. That way you can stay up to date when recalls happen and help keep you and your family safe. Watch the newest video to see how and why to…Read More

Canada’s Best Perishable Produce Inventory and Accounting Software

All In One: Inventory, Accounting and Traceability Software New legislation demands fresh new strategies for business owners in the perishable produce industry. Business owners want and need software that will completely handle all their day to day operations, including buying, selling and tracking, tracing, accounting, inventorying, and reporting – and they want it all in…Read More