PICS Software is on Top of CFIA Changes

At WaudWare, we’re very aware of governmental changes that have the potential to affect our software and your business. Off the shelf software manufacturers can’t respond to every change or nuance. Software built especially for the fresh produce industry can. Canada’s best selling software is Produce Inventory Control System – PICS for short. Why gamble…Read More

Specialized Software for the Fresh Produce Industry

Proudly made and supported in Canada! Wouldn’t you love to have ONE software package that handles both – Inventory AND Traceability functions for your fresh produce business? It’s possible with PICS. Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software by WaudWare accurately maintains inventory records including entering receipts, shipments, adjustments and other transactions. Traceability information should be…Read More

NEW! Time Saving Way of Calling Up Stock Inquiries

We have significantly enhanced the Sales Orders for Stock/lot and Transfers for Stock/lot inquiries. These inquiries can be accessed via the Stock menu which appears at the top right of the menu when you open the Stock Items and/or Stock Lots screens. When you use these 2 inquiries, they will still bring up lists that…Read More

How To Make PICS Screens Larger and Easier to Read!

Every once in a while, we’re asked how to make Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software larger and easier to read. The new version of PICS will be larger by default, and will be stretchable, so it can get really big. However it is not quite finished. In the meantime, for the existing version of…Read More

Best Food Traceability Software for the Fresh Produce Industry Supply Chain

Are you up to date with all the new regulations for the fresh produce industry? Size doesn’t matter when it comes to tracking and tracing where your perishable produce comes from and goes to. Every member of the produce industry supply chain must have accurate inventory control and accounting software with traceability built in. When…Read More

Best Inventory and Accounting Software for Fresh Produce

PICS automatically integrates traceability into its inventory and accounting software. Why buy two separate software packages – one for traceability and one for inventory and accounting – when you can get everything you’ll ever need (and more) with Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) Software! Created for the fast-paced fresh fruit and vegetable industry, PICS takes…Read More

Customizable Fresh Produce Software

Produce Software for Inventory, Traceability and more… Looking for ONE software package that handles Inventory AND Traceability functions for your fresh produce business? You need PICS – Produce Inventory Control System software by WaudWare. Maintaining accurate inventory records involves entering receipts, shipments, adjustments and other transactions. Traceability information should be an automatic outcome of these…Read More

Software Solutions for the Fresh Produce Industry!

Cutting Edge Software that Automatically Handles Government Regulations. New government legislation has produce industry business owners looking for a reliable software system that handles inventory, accounting, and traceability and more, all in one package. That’s PICS by WaudWare! Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) accounting and inventory software is a powerful software solution created especially for…Read More

Canada’s Best Perishable Produce Inventory and Accounting Software

All In One: Inventory, Accounting and Traceability Software New legislation demands fresh new strategies for business owners in the perishable produce industry. Business owners want and need software that will completely handle all their day to day operations, including buying, selling and tracking, tracing, accounting, inventorying, and reporting – and they want it all in…Read More

Investigating the Issue of Food Fraud

Food Fraud is a Growing Concern in the Agri-Food Industry On November 27, The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) published information on a pan-Canadian industry survey on food fraud, outlining the industry’s perceptions and practices around food fraud. Originally released by Le Conseil de la transformation alimentaire du Québec (CTAQ), the study, Perceptions et préoccupations…Read More