Can PICS Help My Business Manage Exchange Rates?

There is a CodeRunner script that can automatically update the exchange rate in PICS. This feature will help you manage the affects of fluctuating exchange rates, i.e. due to COVID-19. You can learn more by pressing F1 in PICS and searching for “Exchange Rates” or contacting us. We’re here to help!

How Can I Achieve Lot Control in PICS?

Lot Control with Automatic Traceability is Possible with PICS… Step 1:  Watch this PICS Video. It shows what running lot control – complete with work orders – is all about. Step 2: Implement Lot Control. This involves switching on a flag in the Stock Items you plan to track (likely all of them). Press F1…Read More

How Can I Manage Paperwork in PICS?

Using the Attachments feature in our Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software is an efficient way to streamline your operation and minimize disruptions. “Attach” Food Safety and/or NAFTA/USMCA certifications to Vendors, as well as all kinds of other documents to A/P Vouchers, A/R Receipts, Grower’s Pay, Sales Orders and Purchase Orders and more. Further, you…Read More

What 3rd Party Software Does WaudWare Use?

3rd Party Software We Use and Recommend We’re often asked for recommendations on 3rd party software. Over the next few months we’ll be blogging about our favourites and the software we use at WaudWare and recommend. Adobe Acrobat Reader – Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software is the free global standard for reliably viewing, printing,…Read More

How To Make PICS Screens Larger and Easier to Read!

Every once in a while, we’re asked how to make Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software larger and easier to read. The new version of PICS will be larger by default, and will be stretchable, so it can get really big. However it is not quite finished. In the meantime, for the existing version of…Read More

How Do You Keep an Eye on “All Things Quality” in Your Organization?

Today we’re featuring Guest Blogger, Bill Horricks, P.Eng, MBA, Vice President & Founder of Horricks Management Group, Canadian representative of CIS – Continuous Improvement Software. Do you have a full-integrated Quality Management System, an enterprise accounting/ERP system with a “quality” module, or do you make do with a series of spreadsheets and a generic document…Read More

Can PICS help with new Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Compliance Requirements?

In a word, yes! Beginning April 1, 2019, importers of fresh produce are required to notify CBSA of changes to purchase orders for items such as quantity, price and origin – regardless of whether or not there is duty or GST payable. When these changes are made in PICS, they can easily be reported. Background…Read More

How Does PICS Software Handle Produce Recalls?

Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software by WaudWare has always provided users with the ability to fully trace inventory items and non-produce items (packaging materials). PICS traceability allows you to conduct recalls quickly by gathering data through reports and/or screens. PICS allows you to either run your inventory in a lot-controlled environment (R) or static…Read More

New Food Safety Regulations – How Can PICS Help?

Are you doing all you can to meet the new Food Safety Regulations? We can help make things a little easier for you with just a few steps. By utilizing our Attachments feature, you can attach Vendor Approval Documents to Vendors in PICS. By doing this, your users will be prompted when they enter a…Read More

Selling to Walmart? There Are New Compliance Requirements!

Do You Sell to Walmart? Some of our customers who sell to Walmart have asked us to help them with revising and/or setting up their various shipping documents (Packing Slips, Bills of Lading, etc.) to meet Walmart’s recent Compliance Requirements. We understand Walmart is now requesting Supplier’s Stock number, Walmart’s item number, and weight(s) now…Read More