How is Data Security handled in WaudWare’s Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software?

Protecting your data is a PICS priority Question: There is so much talk about managing data security these days. How is data protection handled in WaudWare’s Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) and Web-Based Produce Inventory Control System (WebPICS) software? Answer: Here are a few of the security features built into PICS software. An unlimited number…Read More

How Can PICS Help Me Manage My Business?

WaudWare’s Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software was designed to help owners and managers in the fresh fruit and vegetable sector make informed decisions about the profitability and performance of their business. Are sales increasing or decreasing? How about costs? Who owes you money? What are your current assets and liabilities? That’s why PICS software…Read More

What Can the WebPICS Shopping Basket Do For My Business?

Our web-based software solution module, WebPICS Shopping Basket, allows end users of produce (ie restaurants, hotel kitchens) to place orders at their convenience 24 hours a day – 7 days a week, enhancing customer service, order efficiency and at the end of the day, profitability for businesses in the fresh produce industry. The WebPICS Shopping…Read More

Is There a Simple Solution to the Milestone 7 Problem?

PTI Milestones include assigning GTIN numbers, providing GTIN information to buyers, showing human readable information on cases, encoding information in a barcode, reading/storing information on inbound cases, and reading/storing information on outbound bases. This last step is PTI Milestone 7. Large distribution centres may be challenged to scan each barcode label on each inbound and/or…Read More

Should We Run PICS in the “Cloud”?

If you are considering running a produce traceability system, such as WaudWare’s Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software – or any software in the cloud – keep in mind the most often overlooked but critically important detail. We refer to it as “the weakest link in the chain”:   your connection to the internet Software…Read More

Bogged Down by Paper?

Are you constantly struggling to manage mountains of paper? Do you have a daily flow of documents where information needs to be captured then entered into systems? How about photos? Is it time to archive huge volumes of memories in order to protect them for generations to come? Paramount Document Solutions provides specialized services to…Read More

Ever Have Produce Show Up at the Back Door?

WaudWare’s touch screen version of the Produce Inventory Control System (VPICS) software now helps warehouse staff quickly and easily handle produce that shows up at the back door. Why? Not every customer writes a purchase order for every order. That’s why we created a smart and efficient process to create and receive a purchase order with…Read More

Are You Considering FoodLink or iTrade?

If you’re thinking about FoodLink or iTrade and interested in an interface to our Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software, let us know! We’d be happy to set it up and get it working properly.

We Have the Solution for Effective Lot Control!

We recently participated in the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s CFIA Food Safety Regulatory Modernization Webinar (August 29).  Several documents were presented including: Outcomes Based Regulations Regulatory Framework Labelling Modernization Imported Food Sector Product Regulations Compliance Promotion Suffice it to say, there was enough detailed information presented to overwhelm even the most experienced fresh produce industry…Read More