Ever Have Produce Show Up at the Back Door?

WaudWare’s touch screen version of the Produce Inventory Control System (VPICS) software now helps warehouse staff quickly and easily handle produce that shows up at the back door. Why? Not every customer writes a purchase order for every order. That’s why we created a smart and efficient process to create and receive a purchase order with…Read More

Are You Considering FoodLink or iTrade?

If you’re thinking about FoodLink or iTrade and interested in an interface to our Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software, let us know! We’d be happy to set it up and get it working properly.

We Have the Solution for Effective Lot Control!

We recently participated in the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s CFIA Food Safety Regulatory Modernization Webinar (August 29).  Several documents were presented including: Outcomes Based Regulations Regulatory Framework Labelling Modernization Imported Food Sector Product Regulations Compliance Promotion Suffice it to say, there was enough detailed information presented to overwhelm even the most experienced fresh produce industry…Read More

What is the Safe Food for Canadians Act?

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is taking action to further strengthen Canada’s world-class food safety system. The passage of the Safe Food for Canadians Act in November 2012 set the stage for important changes to Canada’s food safety system. The Act will come into force at the beginning of 2015. Learn more about the Safe…Read More

Is WaudWare on Top of New Case Labelling Requirements?

In a word, yes! WaudWare’s flagship product, Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software is capable of handling traceability issues for fresh produce businesses – including case labelling requirements for retailers like Walmart. Read the back story of PICS and WebPICS in The Produce News article written by Gerry Weaver, WaudWare on top of new case…Read More

Are You Having Trouble Reading the Print in Windows Because the Font is Too Small?

If you’re having trouble reading the print in Windows because the font is just too small, here’s a 3 step solution for clarity: Step One: On your main desktop, right click and select Properties   Step Two: Along the tabs on the top, click Appearances . The second drop down box is Colour Scheme *In…Read More

What is eManifest and How Can the Produce Industry Prepare For It?

Canada Border Services Agency is launching eManifest – “Making the Border Smarter and More Secure”. When fully implemented, Canada Border Services Agency eManifest will require carriers, freight forwarders and importers in all modes of transportation (air, marine, highway and rail) to electronically transmit cargo, conveyance, house bill / supplementary cargo and importer data to the…Read More

Can I import future prices into PICS?

Yes, you can import future prices into PICS quickly and easily by creating a CSV file in Microsoft Excel and importing it. Please contact us if you want sample files.

Can WaudWare Help Me Switch From Paper Filing to Electronic Storage?

Of course! If you’ve been  filing (paper) signature copies of Sales Orders or any other documents, we can help you easily convert them to electronic records. We already have customers doing this and loving it. Imagine emailing a customer a signature copy with just a few mouse clicks. No more filing for you!