CFIA Releases Proposed Regulatory Text

In an unprecedented move, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has released the draft (preliminary) text for the complete set of regulations covering all food, following the adoption in 2012 of the Safe Food for Canadians Act (SFCA).  Typically proposed regulations are made public during the formal Canada Gazette process, but the decision was made to release the draft text to allow for further input and review before the formal Canada Gazette process begins (given the pending Federal Election this is likely to be early in 2016 at the earliest). The preliminary text is being released for discussion purposes only. It is subject to change based on feedback received during this consultation period.

OPMA will be reviewing the 165 pages of regulations and in conjunction with the CPMA and the CHC will provide feedback to CFIA.  OPMA was very active in the numerous consultations to date and is pleased to report that a single licensing scheme under the Dispute Resolution Corporation has been included in the draft and grade standards for fresh fruit and vegetables can be incorporated into the regulations by reference, thereby making it easier to change standards when required.

Simultaneously CFIA has released a discussion paper outlining options for micro and small businesses which include exemptions to some proposed regulations.

As our review advances, information will be shared with members; in the interim please see the following text from CFIA’s website along with a link to the preliminary text of the regulations and the consultation document on micro and small businesses:

  • Consultation on reducing regulatory burden on micro and small businesses. Click here to view

For further information or if you would like to provide feedback on the proposed regulations, please contact Ian MacKenzie at 416-519-9390, ext. 231 or

[source: OPMA Member Notice: April 24, 2015]