Continuous Improvements to Buying, Selling, Inventory and Accounting Software – PICS!

latest PICS updatesSmart business owners are looking for software for their perishable produce operations that will effectively and efficiently all their day to day operations, including buying, selling and effectively tracking, tracing, inventorying, and reporting on produce.

Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software is a robust and reliable software solution that has been specially created for companies in the fast paced produce industry to improve operations, traceability and profitability.

Here are the software updates we made during January:

  • We have enhanced the Purchase Order via EmFx to send the vendor # in the subject and body; to put the vendor name in the body, and to indicate if the purchase order was being added, edited or viewed.
  • WebPICS SB (online ordering) has been completely rewritten. It is now fully functional on mobile phones, tablets and regular computers.
  • We added to the price list generation program to make items where the price did not come from the customer prices or customer stock unit prices tables have their cpalowsale and cualowsale flags set to .f. (false).

Are you in the market for inventory and accounting software for your perishable produce business? Consider PICS! You can get a free demo here.