Get more ROI from your audits with Trellis

CPMA participation with PMA in the development of Trellis

From CPMA’s Produce Now Newsletter… “To help the fresh produce supply chain get more ROI from their food safety and other audit data the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) has announced a new supply chain management tool called Trellis.”

Further research led us to this, published on the PMA website:

Trellis was developed as a result of a partnership between PMA and Purdue University’s Ag Technologies and Systems Group (OATS) to help the fresh produce industry to get more ROI from your fresh produce food safety and other audit data. Developed with industry input, it can be integrated with your current systems, and it is open source (=free).

Trellis was established by OATS with PMA’s Trellis Task Force. The task force’s members hail from across the fresh produce supply chain, and include audit scheme owners, food safety and technology solution providers, grower/packer/shippers and retailers. The project is led by PMA Vice President of Supply Chain Efficiencies Ed Treacy, working with OATS’ Aaron Ault, senior research engineer at Purdue University.

Problem Solved:



Food safety and other audits are supposed to help identify and address risk, but mounds of PDF reports don’t lend themselves to easy analysis. Current processes to electronically exchange audit and other data are often inefficient, and don’t use global data standards so they aren’t interoperable.

As a result, your company must first either manually enter data from those reports into your own computer systems, or must convert the information from various sources and formats. In a perishables industry, time is a luxury you often don’t have.


Trellis helps companies get more ROI from their audit data. Trellis provides a produce-specific framework to electronically exchange authenticated food safety audit data and other customer-required information between trading partners. When you can mine data across all your audits, you can understand food safety risks and address them.”

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