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Produce Industry Update, by F. Charles Waud… Did you know – Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software includes an option that can automatically update the exchange rate! This feature will help your fresh produce business manage the affects of fluctuating exchange rates due to COVID-19. Contact us for more information.

The Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) has developed an extensive resource page for Canadian fresh produce businesses. Follow this link to access the information, including support for Canadian businesses from the economic impact of COVID-19, Produce Supply Chain Continuity letter, Government of Ontario – List of Essential Workplaces.

On another topic, in order to support fruit and vegetable traceability compliance, CPMA has published a Traceability Guidance Document for Industry Compliance with the SFCR. They are also reminding industry members “with the exception of CFIA’s decision to give industry until January 2021 to use existing consumer packaging, all other traceability regulations are in effect. If you have not already done so, you are reminded to quickly move to compliance by making any necessary changes to current processes within your organization.” See how easy it is to implement Lot Control (and automatic traceability) in PICS.

software for fresh produce industryHere are the software updates we made to PICS, our all-in-one software package for accounting and inventory with built-in traceability, during the month of March:

  • Added an index on the second line of the stock description, so that you can now tab into that column on the stock list to search for items that way.
  • Added a “Lot has Active Children” field in the stock lot table which indicates if any child, grand-child, great-grand-children (etc.) lot(s) (i.e. those created by a repack or work order) of this parent lot are active. The determination of whether the child lot(s) are active uses the Lot Active flag in those children. Please note that the Lot Active flag is updated in real time on every transaction. It is also handled by the Update Stock routine daily (which is run from a daily scheduled task). Customers should factor in the Lot Active Days System Control setting in their planning, because the Has Active Children flag is based on the Lot Active flag, which in turn is using the Lot Active Day setting. If you plan to use the Has Active Children flag to determine when to do Grower’s Pay, this should be taken into consideration. Further, in this Grower’s Pay case, you shouldn’t invoice the sales orders until sale price is determined. The invoicing of the sales orders will trigger the setting of the Lot Active flag when the lot goes to zero and the number of Lot Active Days has passed.
  • Adjusted the code in the FOB Price inquiry in the Grower’s Pay screen to also include the sales order # and customer #, and to use the new list technology (pressing enter will open the sales order screen for the selected order)

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