Inside the Box Solutions for the Fresh Produce Industry

Produce Industry Throwback, by F. Charles Waud… Back in November 2018, Forbes published What Blockchain Has To Do With Turkey, Romaine Lettuce and Food Safety. It was as informative back then as it is today. If you’ve been looking for less gobbledygook and more substance related to blockchain technology, you will appreciate this resource. And…Read More

Refreshing News from the Canadian Produce Industry

Produce Industry Update, by F. Charles Waud… “The Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) recently released their Canadian Market Report for 2020. It’s loaded with information on the economics of the produce sector in Canada and also includes a section dedicated to consumer sentiment related to COVID-19. Be informed! Log in to your CPMA member account…Read More

What’s New for Fall in the Fresh Produce Industry?

Produce Industry Update, by F. Charles Waud… COVID-19 has brought tremendous levels of change and uncertainty to supply chains around the world. The Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) has released two new resources to help members navigate the transition to a post-COVID world, The Canadian Fresh Produce Industry Recovery report and COVID-19 Recovery Resources are…Read More

Great News: A/P Remittance via EmFx now available in PICS!

Did you know that PICS (Produce Inventory Control System software) now has the ability to send AP Remittances (for Canadian Cheque, U.S. Check, EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) and/or Wire Transfer) via EmFx Regular and EmFx Lite? Learn more about PICS Components and Server Options. For EmFx Lite users You now have the ability to send…Read More

Progress in the Produce Industry

Produce Industry Update, by F. Charles Waud… “Following the success of the initial offering of the CPMA/NSF Canada online Food Safety, Regulatory and Quality Assurance workshops, new workshop dates have been announced. The workshops are specifically targeted toward small, and medium-sized local growers, packers and shippers, however all produce supply chain personnel are welcome and…Read More

Software for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Produce Industry Update, by F. Charles Waud… Did you know – Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software includes an option that can automatically update the exchange rate! This feature will help your fresh produce business manage the affects of fluctuating exchange rates due to COVID-19. Contact us for more information. The Canadian Produce Marketing Association…Read More

Customizable Fresh Produce Software with Built-In Traceability!

Produce Industry Update, by F. Charles Waud… The Produce Traceability Initiative Technology Working Committee will be having a meeting for the first time in many months in October. There is increased pressure to make sure everyone in the industry is ready to be able to trace produce if/when there are recalls. This is due to…Read More

Complete Inventory and Accounting Software for Fresh Produce with Automatic Traceability! 

Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software by WaudWare has everything you need to manage your fresh produce business, no matter the size of your enterprise. PICS was designed to flexibly and effectively handle all your day to day critical business operations including buying, selling, production, growing, brokerage, accounting, security, and management information. User-friendly PICS Software…Read More

Specialized Software for the Fresh Produce Industry

Proudly made and supported in Canada! Wouldn’t you love to have ONE software package that handles both – Inventory AND Traceability functions for your fresh produce business? It’s possible with PICS. Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software by WaudWare accurately maintains inventory records including entering receipts, shipments, adjustments and other transactions. Traceability information should be…Read More

Can PICS help with new Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Compliance Requirements?

In a word, yes! Beginning April 1, 2019, importers of fresh produce are required to notify CBSA of changes to purchase orders for items such as quantity, price and origin – regardless of whether or not there is duty or GST payable. When these changes are made in PICS, they can easily be reported. Background…Read More