Inside the Box Solutions for the Fresh Produce Industry

Produce Industry Throwback, by F. Charles Waud… Back in November 2018, Forbes published What Blockchain Has To Do With Turkey, Romaine Lettuce and Food Safety. It was as informative back then as it is today. If you’ve been looking for less gobbledygook and more substance related to blockchain technology, you will appreciate this resource. And…Read More

WaudWare Introduces PICS in a Box!

Looking for inventory and traceability control in one software package? Need to replace your old hardware or update your operating system (because Microsoft discontinued support for Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server)? Talk to us about PICS in a Box! PICS in a Box is a pre-configured Windows 2008-32 Bit virtual server image with Produce…Read More

How Can Software Help with Inventory Management?

When properly implemented, there are many benefits to be gained from maintaining accurate inventory. Some of these include: Knowing when you are running out Preventing overselling Reducing spoilage/waste More accurate cost/profit information Speed of dealing with recalls Ready to learn more about how Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software can improve your business? Request your…Read More

Productivity Improvements to Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) Software

PICS Enhancements for April 2015. Our continued commitment to providing the best software solution for the produce industry is illustrated with the productivity improvements we made during April. How often is your software solution for inventory, accounting, and traceability upgraded? If you can’t say “all the time” you’re not using PICS by WaudWare. We have:…Read More

Brampton Board of Trade Business Excellence Award Nomination

Spirit of Innovation Award Nomination. Charles Waud, WaudWare Incorporated was recently nominated for a Spirit of Innovation Award through the Brampton Board of Trade for the creation of Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software. Poised to be the business event of the year, the red carpet for the Business Excellence Awards will be rolled out…Read More

March’s New Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) Software Updates

We strive to make Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software better… continuously. If you’re in the fresh fruit and vegetable industry, you know how important it is to keep things “fresh”. Here are a few of the improvements we made to PICS during the month of March. We have added a new System Control where…Read More

Email or Fax Purchase Orders through Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) Software

The Technical Team at WaudWare recently added the convenient and time-saving option of emailing or faxing Purchase Orders through Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software using WaudWare’s proprietary software called EmFx. EmFx is an add-on for broadcast emailing and/or faxing Price Lists and A/R Statements to contacts you set up for your customers. It also…Read More

The Produce News Reports on WaudWare’s Expertise in the Fresh Produce Sector

“WaudWare’s expertise in traceability drives growth.” That was the headline of a recent article (September 25, 2014) published in The Produce News Canada, written by Gerry Weaver. Six things you’ll learn: Traceability and its impact on fresh produce businesses Challenges and benefits of using one PTI label Renewed interest in Radio Frequency ID tags (RFID)…Read More

Ongoing Enhancements to Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) Software

Fresh produce business owners will appreciate these enhancements made to Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software by WaudWare, during September. Improve the profitability of your business with reliable software that handles all day to day operations, such as buying, selling, inventory, production, growing, brokerage,accounting, security, management reporting. Increased the height of the AP Voucher screen,…Read More

System Control Screen Enhancement for HST and GST

We added code to our Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software to hide fields and suppress messages about HST and GST if the percentages for these 2 taxes are set to zero in the System Control screen.