Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) Software Updates for September

The technical team at WaudWare has made these updates to PICS software, written specifically for produce businesses that want to track and count their products with one system. This month in PICS we… Enhanced the GL Transaction screen today such that the Find function works for all the fields in the header. Note that if…Read More

WebPICS Works in Palletized Inventory Mode

We’ve continued to refine our Web-based version of Produce Inventory Control System (WebPICS) software such that it can also work in a palletized inventory mode.

Is WaudWare on Top of New Case Labelling Requirements?

In a word, yes! WaudWare’s flagship product, Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software is capable of handling traceability issues for fresh produce businesses – including case labelling requirements for retailers like Walmart. Read the back story of PICS and WebPICS in The Produce News article written by Gerry Weaver, WaudWare on top of new case…Read More

WebPICS Sales Order Improved with Single Letter Link for Filtering!

Customer and Stock Lists in the Sales Order module of WebPICS have been enhanced with a ‘NEW’ single letter (A-Z, 0-9) link for filtering. This effectively provides filtering of the Customer Name or Stock Number by the ‘Link’ chosen in one easy selection.

Does PICS Run on iPhones and iPads?

Yes! Through the use of an RDP client, such as Pocket Cloud from Wyse, you can easily run PICS on iPhones and iPads. The  WaudWare Team as well as some WaudWare customers have been doing this for well over a year. Further, all components of WebPICS work on iPhones and iPads as well.

WebPICS + TracerPlus + ActiveSynch = Time Saving Trio

WebPICS can now be used to upload an external text file of Shipped Storage Units that is created by using a “HandHeld” in a batch process. The software TracerPlus transfers all session data to the PC via standard import/export options. Importing and exporting allows for exchange of data between the PDA and the PC during…Read More

Parsing of GS1 Codes Improved in WebPICS

Parsing of the GS1 codes has been improved to fit more precisely with PTI standards. HTML rendering on HandHelds now supports the use of VIEWPORT tags for better sizing of content on higher resolution screen formats. The iPhone and iPad devices are specifically supported.

Celebrating #23

The WaudWare story began in 1989… and here we are 23 years later thinking, “wow – that was fast”! Twenty-three years in business is nothing to sneeze at, and while we’re extremely proud of our accomplishments, we are also appreciative of our staff, customers, colleagues, suppliers, friends and family for their ongoing support. At the…Read More

Delete A/R Voucher

We have added the ability to delete an A/R Voucher to PICS. If the Voucher came from a Sales Order or Brokerage Order, those orders will be able to be edited again. The deletion activity is logged, so you will be able to tell this has been done. A/R Vouchers will not be able to…Read More

What are the standard components and add-ons for PICS?

Standard PICS components and available add-ons are described below: PICS (Produce Inventory Control System) Regular – PICS Regular is our flagship software program, of which at least one license is required. PICS effectively handles all the specific day to day needs of companies who work in the produce industry, such as traceability, buying, selling, inventory,…Read More