The Helping Hands of Mike & Mikes Organics and WaudWare

We have arranged with Mike & Mike’s Organics to have an order delivered to Ste. Louise Outreach Centre of Peel every other month courtesy of WaudWare. It will be carrots, onions, potatoes, apples and other “long lasting” produce.

Ste. Louise Outreach Centre provides perishable and non-perishable food, beverages, personal and cleaning products, baby items, clothes and new toys for more than 2400 individuals and families in need.

To quote their website: “Some population groups such as older single people, single-parent families, individuals receiving social assistance and people with disabilities or mental illness, face a higher risk of living in poverty.  It is the widespread lack of income that is a key factor that makes Canadian food banks so necessary to this day.  To deny that the level of food insecurity and dependence upon food banks is a crisis, is to deny reality”.

Did you know Mike & Mike’s Organics have been doing this for Second Harvest since December 2012? Read the story… warm your heart… help those in need. We applaud their efforts and thank Mike & Mike’s for their ongoing support.