Update on the Safe Food for Canadians Act

We continue to follow developments for the Safe Food for Canadians Act. “The Safe Food for Canadians Act focuses on three important areas: (1) Improved food safety oversight to better protect consumers; (2) Streamlined and strengthened legislative authorities, and (3) Enhanced international market opportunities for Canadian industry.

1. Improved food safety oversight to better protect consumers

New prohibitions against food commodity tampering, deceptive practices and hoaxes

This legislation provides new authorities to address immediate food safety risks and builds additional safety into the system, from producer or importer to consumer. For example, the new prohibitions provide a stronger deterrent against deceptive practices, tampering and hoaxes. Related penalties and fines also increase to deter willful or reckless threats to health and safety.

Strengthened food traceability

Current legislation does not require food manufacturers and other regulated parties to have traceability systems. The legislation provides the CFIA with strengthened authorities to develop regulations related to tracing and recalling food, and the appropriate tools to take action on potentially unsafe food commodities. This includes a prohibition against selling food commodities that have been recalled.”

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“Improved import controls

Imports are challenging to control because there is less information on or direct control over foreign manufacturing processes and products. The legislation strengthens import controls by including powers to register or license importers and prohibits the importation of unsafe food commodities. Holding importers accountable for the safety of imported products will also promote a level playing field between importers and domestic producers.”

The Safe Food for Canadians Act is similar to the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) in the United States.

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