Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) Components

PICS Regular - Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) Regular is our flagship software program, of which at least one license is required. PICS contains all the software necessary to set up and manage the system. PICS effectively handles all the specific day to day needs of companies who work in the produce industry, such as traceability, buying, selling, inventory, accounting, and management. See PICS Features. It contains about 200 standard reports, and has optional add on modules. At least 2 regular licenses of PICS must be purchased in order to be able to buy PICS Lite. Watch PICS Demo Videos.

PICS Lite - contains the modules necessary to manage inventory, customers and sales orders. It is designed to be used by people who primarily sell to, and manage customers.

PICS in a Box - is a pre-configured Windows 2008-32 Bit virtual server image with all of our software (PICS, PRE, VPICS, WebPICS, EmFx, CR) pre-installed and ready to go. PICS in a Box is faster, easier and less expensive to implement since a full install of our software is not needed and initial configuration is not required. PICS in a Box can be installed in your office or hosted in the cloud.

PICS Report Engine (PRE) - is an add on report writer that allows users to create and maintain their own reports. It comes with a large selection of standard reports. It can be used to schedule reports (i.e the system can run reports in the middle of the night and email the results to various users). PRE allows for many different types of output, and is highly recommended.

PICS Production - is an add on which allows users to set up and maintain work orders and bills of material. If you do any kind of packaging or re-packaging, this is worth considering. Note that PICS Regular includes a simple "one to one" repack screen. Watch PICS Demo Videos.

Brokerage - is an add on which allows users who manage the buy/sell relationship between 2 third parties (Seller and Purchaser) but do not actually take title to the product. So for example, a pistachio vendor of (the "Seller") calls you and says they have excess inventory. You call companies you know could use that products (the "Purchaser"), and let them know. Then the Purchaser buys the products from the Seller and you are paid a fee by either party.

WebPICS - is an add on primarily intended to be used on handheld devices. It works in conjunction with PICS, runs in a "Web Browser" and updates the PICS database in real time. Google Chrome is our supported web browser of choice, but users have also used it in FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc. We have modules for sales orders, purchase orders, receiving, warehousing, inventory counting, on-line ordering and 3rd party warehousing. Learn more about WebPICS.

VPICS - is an add on where the user can perform inventory transactions on touch screens. We have modules for buying and receiving, work orders and selling. Watch VPICS Demo Videos.

EmFx - is an add-on for broadcast emailing and/or faxing* Price Lists and A/R Statements to contacts you set up for your customers. It also allows "one-of" sending of A/R Vouchers (Invoice, Debit Memo or Credit Memo), Price Lists, Customer Statements and/or Sales Order Confirmations. Further, you can set up contacts for your vendors and then email and/or fax* them Purchase Orders and/or Inbound Load Confirmations.

EmFx Lite - is an add-on which allows "one-of" sending of A/R Vouchers (Invoice, Debit Memo or Credit Memo), Price Lists, Customer Statements and/or Sales Order Confirmations by email and/or fax*. Further, you can set up contacts for your vendors and then email and/or fax* them Purchase Orders and/or Inbound Load Confirmations.

ExFx WebPICS SB edition - is an add-on which allows a copy of Sales Orders received via WebPICS SB to be emailed and/or faxed* to customer contacts.

* Note that to send via Fax, a subscription to is required, and has a monthly cost of about $15.

Attachments (Document Imaging) - PICS provides the ability to “attach” electronic documents of various types to their PICS Counterpart. For example, a scanned signature copy of a delivery document can be attached to the Sales Order and/or Invoice. We currently support A/P Vouchers, A/R Receipts, Grower's Pay, Sales Orders and Purchase Orders (Header and Lines). More types are easily added. There is also a script available that allows for the mass import of large numbers of files from a scanner. Supported file types are BMP, JPE, JPG, TXT, DOC, XLS and PDF. While other software packages sell Document Imaging as an add-on, WaudWare has built it right into PICS as a standard feature.

CodeRunner – CR – is a utility that WaudWare provides at no extra cost with PICS. It allow us to create and run customizable “scripts” which can be used for almost anything. Typically, we supply and schedule scripts to back up PICS and PRE software (CopyPICS); allow you to refresh the training system (CopyBackupToTrain); send error log and usage log information to us; perform file maintenance on many of our products (PICS, EmFx, WebPICS, PRE, etc.); update various statistics (current items, lot active flags, etc.). We also create many custom scripts for reporting, monitoring, starting and stopping various programs, etc.