Fresh Off the Vine News from WaudWare!

Welcoming Our Newest PICS Customer – Guardados…

Guardados, headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee is a fresh produce wholesaler, specializing in fresh fruits such as hass avocados, limes and lemons. They also have an extensive line of fresh vegetables including cabbage, peppers, onions tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, cilantro, carrots, radish sprouts, corn and potatoes. Welcome to WaudWare, Guardados!

Southwest Fox Conference Highlights 2019 – October 24 – 27…

The annual Southwest Fox Conference presents the latest in Microsoft Visual FoxPro development techniques and interoperability with other technologies. This highly acclaimed and popular conference is the perfect venue for Visual FoxPro developers interested in learning more about VFP, further refining their software development skills, and learning what options are available for moving forward.

The biggest news this year, is that there is a new group of people working on making a .NET compiler for Visual FoxPro. Applications written in Visual FoxPro will be able to be supported and enhanced for many decades into the future. This platform will allow 64 bit versions and full interoperability with the rest of the .NET family of products. We are very excited about this, because it means we can spend more time on enhancements which can be used by our customers, as opposed to converting the code to a new language.

There were many other exciting sessions on enhancing and extending the language, integrating new tools, etc. This conference continues to be the highlight of the year for the FoxPro community. Stay tuned!