How Can I Replace My Old Hardware AND Add PICS at the Same Time?

Answer:  If you need to replace your old hardware or update your operating system (because Microsoft discontinued support for Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server) AND you want inventory and traceability control in one software package, talk to us about our Produce Inventory Control System software, PICS in a Box!

Written specifically for the fresh fruit and vegetable industry, PICS in a Box is a pre-configured Windows 2008-32 Bit virtual server image with Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software pre-installed and ready to go. The benefits of running PICS in a Box include:

  • easier to implement since a full install of all our software is not needed
  • faster – we can provide PICS in a Box immediately. There is no need to do the software install and initial configuration
  • less expensive – the labour cost to install Windows, Windows updates, and WaudWare software is higher than the cost of PICS in a Box
  • PICS in a Box can be installed in your office or hosted in the cloud

To learn more about the advantages of PICS in a Box, or to request a free demo, contact us today!