Last Month’s Updates to Produce Inventory Control System Software – PICS

New Features for Produce Industry Software.

exceptional evaluationYour WaudWare Support Team continues updating our accounting, inventory, buying and selling, production, growing, brokerage, security and management information software, known as Produce Inventory Control System (PICS). Specifically written for the fresh fruit and vegetable industry, PICS includes traceability functions, robust reporting, along with reliable inventory and accounting functions critical for fresh produce businesses today. Here are the August 2017 updates and enhancements.

  • Enhanced the sales order minimum surcharge system by adding an optional customer # to it. This means you can now have global records (where the customer # is blank) and customer specific records.
  • We have a new Stock Tracked Unit Surcharges screen and code such that you can use $ surcharges to be added to a tracked unit’s price before it is then used to calculate the price for an alternate. So PICS now supports multiplier and/or dollar surcharges when up charging for selling in alternate units.
  • Created a CodeRunner script which can be scheduled to automatically obtain the latest exchange rate(s) from and update the rates in PICS. There are options in the script to “pad” this rate for AR and/or AP with a user defined adder percentage.
  • Added the ability to surcharge stock items by a dollar amount based on the selling price of the tracked unit. There is a new stock tracked unit surcharge screen and table where you set up the records for the surcharges. Leave the stock # blank for global surcharges (i.e. all items), and fill the stock number field for stock specific surcharges (or exemptions).
  • Changed the sort order for the items on the Bank Reconciliation screen to be Type, Cheque # ascending (which will be 0 for all DP and GL rows).
  • Adjusted the PO list to have the newest PO at the top as opposed to at the bottom, as well as adjusted the sort when you are in the vendor # or name column to also sort newest at the top to oldest at the bottom.
  • Added a “Selling” system control called “Don’t Allow Sales To Bill To Customers” which, if enabled, will disallow selling to customers who are “Bill To” customers.
  • Changed the PICS Help system over to use Confluence from Atlassian. When you press F1 for help, PICS will launch Internet Explorer and go to the Confluence PICS Help system we have been working on for the past 2 years. Many of the help topics have been expanded, clarified and improved. Please take a moment to check it out … just press F1.

Are you ready to improve the overall performance of your perishable produce business? Talk to us about PICS and watch a demo – either on your own or guided by us.