October Updates for Perishable Produce Software

The PICS 3.0 Rewrite is Progressing.

fresh fruitFor those that don’t know, we’re currently undertaking the mammoth task of converting our Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software to a new version that will run in 64-bit Windows operating systems. There are 420 screens and 170 reports to be rewritten. Along the way, we are using new development tools that allow us to code faster and more efficiently than ever before. We expect the process to be complete by Spring 2018. PICS 3.0 will feature larger, easier to read fonts; stretchable/scalable windows; add/edit/find mode in multiple screen simultaneously; a new Sales Order grid window, and more…

In the meantime, here are the updates, enhancements, and additions we completed during October:

  • Reworked the code which calculates the PO price for lots costed via the Grower’s Pay system. It now better handles entering and reversing multiple Grower’s Pays for the same lot.
  • Added the ability to do a “Ship All” (allocate inventory) for all sales orders on an Outbound Load.
  • Added the ability to print picking slips for all sales orders on an Outbound Load.

Ready to see PICS in action? You can do a self-demo at your leisure or schedule a complimentary consultation and guided demo with us. We’re here to help you get the most from your fruit and vegetable business, streamline processes – including automatic traceability, and improve profitability.