October Updates for Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) Software

Now more than ever, businesses in the fresh/perishable produce sector need to streamline operations and buy industry specific software that handles inventory and traceability in one.

PICS WaudWare logoProduce Inventory Control System (PICS) software features all this and more:

✓ Traceability
✓ Inventory
✓ Buying and Selling
✓ Growing and Production
✓ Brokerage
✓ Accounting
✓ Security and Management

What’s the Advantage of Buying PICS?

✓ Handles all types and sizes of inventory
✓ Efficient and easy to use
✓ Affordable for every business
✓ Allows multiple units and buying and selling
✓ Effortlessly handles real-world costing
✓ Outstanding customer support
✓ Continuous enhancements

PICS is Available for:

  • Desktop (PICS Regular)
  • Handheld Device/Internet (WebPICS)
  • Virtual Server/Cloud (PICS in a Box)
  • Touch Screen (VPICS)

Do you sell to Walmart?

We never stop improving our Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software. Here are the enhancements we made to PICS during October:

  • We added code to the report printing system such that if the user does not have the report files in their home folder, PICS will copy them from the REPORTS folder on the server. This will greatly reduce the chances that a user is told they cannot run a report because they don’t have the report files.
  • We enhanced the GL update to write records for GL accounts where the total amount posted is zero. The reason for this is to allow the expansion of the details to include all the components of the posting. Prior to doing this, if you had an equal debit and credit, nothing would get written to the GL and the expansion of the details would therefore have nothing to look for. There is a new system control which has been defaulted to Yes for this, but it can be turned off if necessary. We believe it should be left set at Yes.
  • We enhanced the GL Post screen such that if there are any errors on any of the postings it attempted to make, it will tell you at the end how many errors there were. Previously, it always said “Selected Journals have been updated”.
  • We enhanced the Bank Reconciliation screen such that a) you cannot reconcile a voided payment and b) payments voided on or after the statement date will not be shown in the list.

One software package (PICS) for all of your inventory and accounting needs with traceability built-in! Contact us to set up a PICS demo today. Your PICS demo, your way.