One Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Software Package – 10 Functions

Built in Produce Traceability for Enhanced Performance and Profitability

farmer with radishesProduce Inventory Control System (PICS) Software is ripe for the picking (pardon the pun). It is affordable for every fresh fruit, vegetable, seed and nut farmer/grower, wholesaler, distributor, broker, packer and shipper, handles all types and sizes of inventory, it’s convenient and easy to use and PICS software is available for desktops, handheld devices, the internet, a virtual server/cloud and touch screen.

PICS is continuously updated and is supported by the best technical team in the business. Here are some of the updates we made during September. We have:

  • Added code to the reindex routine to log an error if tables exceed a certain size (default is 1.7Gb). This will allow administrators to plan for deleting records from these tables. If/when a table is greater than the specified size, PICS will put a record into the Error Log with the details.
  • Adjusted PICSVFP so it can run multiple instances in the same session. So you can fire up PICSVFP, log in, go to a screen (or whatever). Then fire up another instance of PICSVFP and do something else in that one. Then you can switch back and forth between them.
  • Adjusted picking slip printing so it can be done by PICSVFP. For those customers who get NTVDM.EXE errors when they print, this is a solution.
  • Added an “Acceptable waste percentage” system control (default of 0.00%) which can show a warning on the Work Order screen beside the total of the input weight. If the percentage by which total input weight exceeds total output weight exceeds what is in the system control, the error message will be displayed.
  • Added a new calculation program in the costing system (_WHOLLD9) which can take an amount per skid and multiply it by the number of skids on a PO line to come up with the amount of the charge.
  • Adjusted the Duplicate as Credit code in the Point of Sale (Large) and Sales Order screens such that if you use the option to not price sales orders, these screen will now honour the “Credit only Invoiced Sales Orders” System control.
  • Added a new system control to allow the ship button on the sales order and sales order shipping screens to also invoice the sales order at the same time. If you wish, users can be individually configured for this, or it can be done system wide.

Are you ready to improve the profitability and performance of your fresh produce business – AND add a traceability component? PICS is waiting for you. Request your PICS demo today!