New PICS Customer

We are pleased to announce and welcome Tony Deodato and Sons Ltd. as our newest PICS customer. Tony Deodato and Sons is a wholesale produce distributor based in Kingston, Ontario. The company was established in 1923 and is a 4th generation family owned and operated business.

Promotional Broadcast

Added the ability to add a prefix to the subject for the price list broadcast emails and faxes. This allows you to put in things like “Christmas promotion”, etc.

Canada Gap Forms

Canada Gap forms Our customers are suggesting the possibility of incorporating Canada Gap forms into PICS. These are the ones that many of you are filling out now as part of your Food Safety programs. Details here: What do you think? Would this be a helpful addition to PICS? Leave us a comment.  

iTrade Integration with PICS

We have new information from iTrade regarding the integration with PICS. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us.

Accounts Receivable Reports

We have added the ability to run A/R reports and show A/R information at the individual customer level, or at the “bill-to” level when you use the “bill-to” feature. This includes the ability to run separate statements for each “bill-from” customer or one statement for the “bill-to” customers which included all the open items for…Read More

Accounts Receivable Receipts

Changed the customer search code in A/R Receipts and A/R Vouchers to be consistent with Point of Sale and Sales Orders.

Stock Lot Screen

We have enabled more of the go-to buttons on the stock lot screen. You can now drill down to the work order, sales order, stock adjustment or stock transfer for a lot. The ability to drill down to a repack was already in this screen. This is an enhancement to make traceability easier.

Stock Transfer System

We have enhanced the Stock Transfer system such that a Transfer can be created from a shipment line on a Sales Order. So if you put sales orders in and draw inventory from more than one warehouse, you can now create a Transfer to move the inventory to another warehouse from the line. Note that…Read More

Customer Product List

We have enhanced the Customer Product list such that you can now list all records, or active ones (only those where the stock and customer are active). We have enhanced the Clear Price List routine such that you can select customers to clear either individually or by customer group. We have created a Generic A/R…Read More

New Estimated Profit Percent in PICS software

We have added the ability to set up Estimated Profit Percent in Static Lot stock items. If you fill in the percentage, our Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software will calculate the cost for the stock item as a percentage of the price you sold the item for, instead of using the cost in the…Read More