PICS Customers Invited to Try PICS 3.0 Lite!

We’re ready for beta testing of the NEW! PICS 3.0 Lite.

test drive PICS today!If you’re an existing customer and would like to take PICS 3.0 Lite for a test drive, let us know!

Your WaudWare Support Team has been hard at work updating Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software known for its flexibility and ease of use for accounting, inventory, buying and selling, production, growing, brokerage, security and management information.

Specifically written for the fresh fruit and vegetable industry, PICS includes automatic traceability functions, robust reporting, along with reliable inventory and accounting functions critical for fresh produce businesses today. Why buy two software packages, one for inventory and one for traceability when you can get everything you need with PICS?

Do you have a question about how PICS can improve the performance and profitability of your business? Watch a demo or schedule a complimentary consultation and demo with our president, F. Charles Waud. We think you’ll agree, PICS is a best-choice solution for perishable produce businesses of all sizes.