PICS Enhancements for May

We made some significant improvements to our Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software during the month of May. Here are the highlights:

  • We have enhanced Production Posting such that Lot Controlled items can now be auto-posted.
  • We have enhanced the GL Transaction screen. For Journal types AJ, CQ, PJ, RJ and SJ when you use the delete function, you can now create a reversing GL Transaction and re-open the batch. This would be very handy if you needed to adjust transactions which are in a batch that has been posted to the GL. For GJ transactions which have been posted, you can either re-open them if they have been posted, or delete them. For IJ transactions, this capability has not been added yet (we are working on it)
  • We have added a new Problem Purchase Orders with line notes report to the PICS Report Engine (PRE). This report will list any Purchase Orders where the problem flag has been checked, all the lines on those Purchase Orders and any line notes for those lines.
  • We adjusted the layout of the customer screen so as to move most of the pricing info into the window which comes forward when you click pricing. The additional space we gained by doing this allowed us to add buttons to the screen for printing and sending via EmFx statements and/or price lists.

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