The Secret to Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

For every owner of a fresh produce business, we want to know…

What’s keeping you up at night? Are you worrying about your business? One of the best cures for insomnia/worry is knowing where your business is going… having a map to follow on the road to success.

That’s why we’ve created a Business Plan template specifically for new and existing businesses in the Fresh Produce sector (with the exception of retailers). The benefits of writing a business plan are many:

  • ability to STOP, take a snapshot of the current marketing/business landscape, and evaluate it
  • ability to plan resources (time, talent, tangible goods and of course, money)
  • ability to be proactive (rather than reactive)
  • ability to get your team on the same page
  • ability to deliver a clear message to your customers about what makes your business different and the value you offer

We believe that our Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software system offers best in class functionality, flexibility, customization, and of course, peace of mind, so you can sleep at night. Have a look. Request your demo today!