WaudWare Proudly Supports CAPI Conclusions

CAPI logoAmong the conclusions from The Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute (CAPI) Report published earlier this year, were the following:

  • “If we want consumers’ trust, then we need to credibly demonstrate the care being taken to enhance food safety, improve food nutrition, address animal care, contribute to the plant’s health and satisfy other expectations.
  • If we want to add more value to what we produce, then we need to collaborate differently across scientific disciplines and with the agri-food industry, among other sectors and governments.
  • If we desire more supportive public policies for this sector, then we need to present agri-food’s co-benefits as a wealth creator and contributor to societal well-being.
  • If we want to more effectively advance Canada’s interests abroad, then we need to leverage our credible performance on managing natural capital to improve our ability to shape the standards and rules that guide agri-food trade around the world.

It is in Canada’s best interest – both economically and for the sake of the well-being if its citizens – that we ensure our agri-food system delivers a strategy that enhances and retains trust.”

Everyone at WaudWare is passionately committed to the fresh produce industry’s future and we applaud this report. You can read The Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute Final Report here.