Who Needs to Upgrade Software?

The consensus at WaudWare is this. We believe there is a lot of traceability system upgrade and implementation work to come from wholesalers and distributors.

Many of our existing customers in the growing and packing business have already done quite a bit of work in this area. We are getting a lot of inquiries for traceability systems from prospective customers in the grower/packer sector. And these inquiries are coming from beyond North America which is exciting.

In our experience, implementing proper (1 up 1 down) traceability seems to be getting done in companies where they have less than a couple hundred stock items. For example, growers and packing houses. These types of companies deal in higher volumes, and usually have less sources for the product. Further, the demand from customers (often retailers and/or other large customers) to have traceability systems in place is common.

For wholesalers and distributors, implementing traceability isn’t as easy because they tend to have a lot more items. Further, many of these items are handled in smaller quantities and come from several vendors. We also see less demand from the customers of wholesalers and distributors (often restaurants, hotels, small retailers, etc.) for traceability systems. Interesting.