2018 Southwest Fox Conference

Southwest Fox Conference banner The fifteenth annual Southwest Fox Conference presents the latest in Microsoft Visual FoxPro development techniques and interoperability with other technologies. This highly acclaimed and popular conference is the perfect venue for VFP developers interested in learning more about VFP, further refining their software development skills, and learning what options are available for moving forward.

Southwest Fox is recognized around the world as a leading source of information and resource sharing in the Fox Community. This is not only a place to learn new techniques, Southwest Fox is a great place to network with fellow developers. Learn more about the Southwest Fox Conference.

Here’s what WaudWare president, F. Charles Waud had to say about the Southwest Fox Conference:

“I have attended the conference several times since it started. In the past few years I have gone every year. I generally take one of our programmers as well. If I am unable to attend, I send one of our programmers.

We have added many great features to our software as a result of going to sessions at these conferences. We also have met many other developers whom we have shared ideas with, exchanged work with, and can ask for help and advice at any time.

I’d say that the financial benefit from going to these conferences far outweighs the cost, year after year.”

Registration for the conference begins this month.