Best Food Traceability Software for the Fresh Produce Industry Supply Chain

word block Are you up to date with all the new regulations for the fresh produce industry? Size doesn’t matter when it comes to tracking and tracing where your perishable produce comes from and goes to.

Every member of the produce industry supply chain must have accurate inventory control and accounting software with traceability built in.

When there’s a supply chain problem, speed is of the essence. You want accurate information instantly from one source, not two. If you’re trying to manage inventory and accounting in one software program and traceability in another program, you’re running the risk of getting it wrong.

You can get all the information you need with Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software.

  • Save time and money.
  • Improve the operational performance and profitability of your produce business.
  • Easy to use, PICS handles all the day-to-day activities for fresh produce and produce-related businesses.

PICS was created in 1989 by the software developers at WaudWare. It is fully supported and updated constantly. Here are the latest improvements:

  • Added a new system control which is used when calculating Total Skids on a Load. This system control is used to determine how partial skids are dealt with. If you set it to “I” (the default) only the integer portion will be used. For example, if you have 150 cases, and cases per pallet is 100, it will return 1.00. If you set this to “D”, the system will calculate to 2 decimal places. The example above would then be 1.50.
  • Adjusted the bank deposit and bank statement lists to have the newest at the top, so as to be consistent with the other lists in PICS.
  • Enhanced the PO screen such that if the PO has had one or more lines made into a Grower’s Pay, and if that Grower’s Pay has been made into one or more AP Vouchers, the Voucher # field will display “********” and when you click the button, you will be given a list of the AP Vouchers which were created from that PO.
  • Added Stock, Lot and Storage Unit Links to the stock adjustments screen.
  • Added a new Cost Audit inquiry on the stock lots screen. This will allow you to see the before and after cost of a lot, as well as the date the change took place, the user who made the change, and the costing program which was used to make the change.

Why buy 2 different software packages – one for inventory and accounting and the other for traceability? You can get both with PICS – and a free consultation and demo. Book it your way today!