How To Make PICS Screens Larger and Easier to Read!

Every once in a while, we’re asked how to make Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software larger and easier to read. The new version of PICS will be larger by default, and will be stretchable, so it can get really big. However it is not quite finished.

In the meantime, for the existing version of PICS, there is a new solution from Microsoft. It is an updated version of the Microsoft RDP client, and is available (for free) here:

Note: it requires that you have Windows 10 on your workstations.

If/when you test it, set it up at 1024×768 and connect to the PICS server. Then open PICS and stretch it bigger. We find that it looks great, and very easy to see/read – see the screen shot below.

We’ve been looking for something like this for years. The one that runs on a Mac has always worked like this, but now there is one for Windows too.

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