Canada’s Best Perishable Produce Inventory and Accounting Software

All In One: Inventory, Accounting and Traceability Software

New legislation demands fresh new strategies for business owners in the perishable produce industry. Business owners want and need software that will completely handle all their day to day operations, including buying, selling and tracking, tracing, accounting, inventorying, and reporting – and they want it all in one package

Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) accounting and inventory software is a robust and reliable software solution created for the fresh produce industry. Designed to improve operations and profitability, and provide complete traceability. Why buy 2 software packages when everything you need is right here with PICS. Here are the PICS software updates we made during December:

Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) Software Updates:

  • Enhanced the AR Voucher to accommodate Line Notes
  • Added a question to the edit routine such that if a user edits a PO which has had the AP Voucher created for it, they will be asked if they really want to edit it.
  • Enhanced the AR Voucher import to be able to be run even if there are already AR Vouchers in the system.
  • Added System Control to allow/disallow editing of the GL Transaction Line Description when posting Journal Entries.
  • Added all the sold to and ship to fields, the customer’s PO # and customer’s stock # to the data which can be printed on the sales order shipping report form. This allowed us to use it for a Walmart Packing Slip for one of our customers who sells to Walmart.
  • Added a default tax code system control.

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