Software Solutions for the Fresh Produce Industry!

Cutting Edge Software that Automatically Handles Government Regulations.

government regulationsNew government legislation has produce industry business owners looking for a reliable software system that handles inventory, accounting, and traceability and more, all in one package. That’s PICS by WaudWare!

Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) accounting and inventory software is a powerful software solution created especially for the needs of today’s fresh produce enterprises. PICS will streamline your operation, improve profitability, and provide complete traceability and recall capabilities.

Why buy 2 different software packages for Inventory and Traceability when everything you need is right here with PICS. Here’s why: Maintaining accurate inventory records involves entering receipts, shipments, adjustments and other transactions. Traceability information should be a consequence of these entries, not an after-thought. Why duplicate your effort (once for accounting and again for traceability) when one software system does both. PICS is more accurate, easier to use, and less expensive to buy and maintain.

Here are the improvements we made to PICS during January 2019:

  • We have adjusted the 6 EmFx send programs to suppress the successful completion message. We and many customers felt it was unnecessary and annoying. Instead, when the emails and/or faxes are being generated and sent, a message will be displayed in the top left corner of the PICS screen to indicate that the send programs are running.
  • We have enhanced the code which does the Delete of AR Vouchers to put more info into the auditlog. This means you can now filter on trans # and it will include when AR Vouchers have been deleted.
  • We have added code to allow the price list to have custom layouts like stock labels.

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