Canadian FFV Sector: Inventory and Accounting Software – with Traceability!

Produce Industry Update, by F. Charles Waud…

Canadian SFCR logo New requirements for the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR) go into effect on January 15, 2020. These new requirements include preventive controls, preventive control plans and traceability, including lot code labelling of consumer-prepackaged fresh fruits or vegetables.

If you already use PICS for Lot Control/Traceability, then you might want to check out our latest tool … a graphic representation of everything that happens to an incoming lot (see below). If you are not running lot control, please connect with us so we can discuss what’s involved to get you there.

graphic of lot control and traceabilityWe’re in the business of providing powerful and reliable Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software for the Fresh Fruits or Vegetables (FFV) sector, along with outstanding customer support that’s second to none! PICS efficiently handles accounting and inventory – with built-in traceability. Yes, one software package can do all that! Talk to us about how PICS can drastically improve your operation today. Here are the improvements we made to PICS during November:

  • Enhanced the Total Owing field at the bottom of the AR Receipts screen to be updated as you post payment lines.
  • Added code to the EmFx PO program to let the user know that PO’s with no lines cannot be sent via EmFx.
  • Changed the Create PO from SO module to allow the PO to be created even if the total of the sales order is $0.00. Previously it had to have a non-zero total.
  • Added a system control for the vendor approval document which allows you to specify the number of days (default is 30) to warn the user that the document is about to expire. So now you can set expiry dates for these documents so you will be warned either when there is no document, or when there is a document but its expiry date is approaching.
  • Added an optional expiry date to the attachments system. This can be used to track when certain attachments (like vendor approval documents) expire and need to be replaced.

Discover all the user-friendly features of PICS. Then connect with us to book your PICS software for the fresh produce industry demo!