Waud Represents WaudWare at the Agriculture Summit in Brazil

Brazil’s Push for Sustainable Intensification October was a busy month at WaudWare. President, Charles Waud travelled to Brazil to attend the Challenge Advisory’s, “Sustainable Intensification: Brazil” 2-day summit. The Brazilian agricultural sector’s current challenges and opportunities were addressed through thought leadership, case studies highlighting innovation, interactive panel discussions and workshops, which allowed stakeholders to debate…Read More

WaudWare President Travels to Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo

Speaking at Agri-Business Summit in Brazil Traceability, inventory and accounting software expert, Charles Waud will be facilitating a “Software for Produce Traceability” Workshop at the 2-Day Sustainable Intensification Summit in Rio, where stakeholders from government, cooperatives, farmers and financiers will continue the development of Brazil’s agricultural growth framework. Charles will also be meeting with Marcio…Read More

WaudWare Proudly Supports CAPI Conclusions

Among the conclusions from The Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute (CAPI) Report published earlier this year, were the following: “If we want consumers’ trust, then we need to credibly demonstrate the care being taken to enhance food safety, improve food nutrition, address animal care, contribute to the plant’s health and satisfy other expectations. If we want…Read More

WaudWare Confirms Attendance at Agri-Business Summit in Brazil

On August 16, 2016, Challenge Advisory announced a project partnership with WaudWare Incorporated, a software development company specialising in business software for the fresh produce and distribution industries, as they confirmed their attendance at Sustainable Intensification 2016 in Rio de Janeiro 25-26th October 2016. Commenting on WaudWare’s involvement, head of Challenge Advisory’s Agri-Business, Dr. Aubrey Longmore noted: “Having discussed…Read More

Beware of Hackers Gaining Access Through RDP Connections

There is a lot of hacking activity going on out there. We see examples of it quite often. If you allow outsiders to connect to your systems via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), which many do, we’d recommend you set up rules in your firewall to only allow RDP connections from specific IP addresses. Further, if…Read More

OTC-Canada joins the WaudWare family of PICS Users!

OTC-Canada is a specialized organic importer and part of OTC-Organics. Products are stored in Woodbridge, Toronto, a fully equipped, state of the art, warehouse. OTC-Canada will be using our Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software as well as EmFx for broadcast emailing or faxing, and PRE, PICS Report Writer. You can become a new PICS…Read More

WaudWare Joins the Half Your Plate Campaign

The Canadian Produce Marketing Association, the Heart and Stroke Foundation, the Canadian Public Health Association and the Canadian Cancer Society are proud to continue a long-standing partnership to improve fruit and veggie consumption in Canada. These organizations, widely respected for their role in health promotion and disease prevention through healthy eating education, proudly support the…Read More

Would “Real Time Alerts” Improve Your Business?

We have been asked by a customer to add code to Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software so that when certain events occur, they get emailed immediately. In their case, they want to know when a stock item falls below a certain inventory level, as well as when the quantity in a lot goes to…Read More

Smartphones and Tablets Drive Change in Distribution Software

“The demand for food safety traceability ushered in the age of computer-based distribution software that can monitor produce from field to fork, and pay for itself through superior inventory management.” That’s what Bob Johnson of Produce Business wrote in his article entitled, “Smartphone and Tablets Drive Changes in Distribution Software.” WaudWare president, F. Charles Waud…Read More

FDA Regulation for Vendor Approval Certificates

According to the FDA, in the final regulations of the new Food Safety Act, importers of food into the USA have to have their suppliers approved by a certified third party/auditor. The third party/auditor will need to conduct food safety audits and issue certifications regarding the foreign facilities and the foods they produce. In our…Read More