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Produce Industry Update, by F. Charles Waud…

government regulationsThe Produce Traceability Initiative Technology Working Committee will be having a meeting for the first time in many months in October.

There is increased pressure to make sure everyone in the industry is ready to be able to trace produce if/when there are recalls. This is due to changes in the Food Safety Modernization Act (USA) and the Safe Food for Canadians Act (Canada) specifically the transition from education and assistance to enforcement. Produce companies need to make sure their traceability systems are ready to go. WaudWare can help with that.

Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software handles all the business functions you need to grow – smarter, better, faster!

With full inventory and accounting capabilities, PICS is easy to use and adapts to your changing needs. Don’t be trapped into thinking you need two separate software packages, one for traceability and one for inventory and accounting. You don’t. PICS is a powerful software solution built for the fast-paced produce industry. Better still, we continually update PICS to make it the best software solution on the market today. Here are the enhancements we made during September:

  • Added a new “Prevent Duplicate PO Reference” system control with a default of N. If you set this to Y, then when you enter purchase orders, PICS will ensure that the PO Reference is unique for the vendor. It checks other Purchase Orders as well as AP Vouchers. This would typically be desirable if you put the vendor’s order # or invoice # into the PO Reference field of your POs.
  • Added the new window to the other 5 EmFx send programs, whereby the user can enter text which will be included in the body of the email or the cover page of the fax. This window replaces the Yes/No question which the program previously used.
  • Changed the sales order list code to use the “Show Price and Extension In Sales Order Screen” system control. It used to use the “ORDLISTTOTAL=” key in the “[O.E./POINT OF SALE]” section of the PICS.INI file. This is part of a larger project whereby we are slowly working towards removing settings from the PICS.INI file and using the system controls instead.
  • Added logging to the Audit log for deletion of AP Vouchers.
  • Added code to hide the substitution fields on the sales order shipping screen if the system control to allow substitution is turned off.
  • Changed the way PICS Report Engine (PRE) gets started from the PICS Menu. It now creates and runs (and then deletes) a batfile which has the PICS Server folder and Home folder passed in. This allows PRE to be able to be run from PICS Live, PICS Training and/or Archived versions of PICS and PICSVFP.
  • Enhanced the GL Budget list to show the account description, annual amount and total of the period amounts.
  • Added a new window to the EmFx send programs, whereby the user can enter text which will be included in the body of the email or the cover page of the fax. This window replaces the Yes/No question which the program previously used. We have added it to the AR Statement EmFx send program, and will be adding it to the others as well.
  • Added added qty, unit, stock descriptions and label to the stock adjustment list.
  • Added a customer link to the AR Receipts screen.
  • Added a warning to the GL Cross Reference screen which will appear in the event that a GL account which is set up in the cross reference system has been made inactive in the GL Accounts screen.
  • Adjusted AR Voucher screen such that you can now edit the Due Date and/or Customer PO # regardless of the status of the Voucher. This was in addition to the message which was already able to be edited at any time. This means users can change the date due to prevent the AR Voucher from showing as overdue in cases where that is necessary. For the Customer PO number, it allows users to adjust it in case they need to send a copy of a Voucher to the customer with a revised PO #.

Browse our Fresh Produce Sample Management Reports. There are 100 standard reports included with PICS, from simple vouchers, cheques, labels and inventory count forms to detailed sales order invoices, income statements and purchase orders. PICS software can generate everything you need to run your fresh produce operation.

There has never been a better time to review your current software needs. Book your FREE Demo and fresh produce business consultation with President of WaudWare, F. Charles Waud today.