Fresh Produce Inventory Traceability Software Updates!

WaudWare’s Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) Helps Produce Businesses Improve Performance!

person using handheld electronic deviceDoes your current software package help you deal with the real world complexities of managing fresh produce? If you’re a Wholesaler, Jobber, Distributor, Broker, Grower/Farmer, Shipper, Packer, in the business of distributing fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, nuts and seeds, you should be looking for software that manages inventory and traceability in one. That’s Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software! Here’s how we improved PICS in July:

  • Added code to the Sales Order screen and Sales Order shipping screen such that if you use alternate units, you are now able to override the quantity ordered in Tracked units.
  • Added a sales summary to the Stock Lots screen, so you can see the total sales revenue, total qty sold and an average price for the lot. Note that this info is only shown for Regular lot controlled items. For Static lot items, it will show 0.00.
  • Adjusted the AP Cheque Remittance system to handle printing properly when you have a cheque and a wire transfer with the same number.
  • Added security to the links buttons on the stock lots screen such that the user needs to have security for the various screens which can be called forward in order for the link buttons to appear.
  • Added the ability to have different layouts for stock and storage unit labels. This was a customization which we made for one customer that we would like to make part of the package. However, further programming may be needed depending on how you want to use it. Please contact us for information on how to set up and use this new PICS feature.
  • Added an index on the customer name in the Customer File, and made it sortable in the customer list.

The Sales and Support Team at WaudWare are committed to improving the PICS user experience every day. Request your complimentary consultation and free PICS demo today.