How Do You Keep an Eye on “All Things Quality” in Your Organization?

Today we’re featuring Guest Blogger, Bill Horricks, P.Eng, MBA, Vice President & Founder of Horricks Management Group, Canadian representative of CIS – Continuous Improvement Software.

Do you have a full-integrated Quality Management System, an enterprise accounting/ERP system with a “quality” module, or do you make do with a series of spreadsheets and a generic document control app like SharePoint.

In our latest blog “Is Your Paper-Based Quality Management System Really Cost Effective?” we debunk the myth that paper-based systems are an inexpensive option to managing your Quality System. In fact they actually add to your workload and bring with them costly problems:

  • Very hard and time consuming to update, or show traceability
  • Missing documents (misfiled or lost) and records
  • Follow-up meetings needed to check progress
  • Documents and records out of sync – obsolete documents still in circulation
  • Way too slow to perform risk analysis
  • Action items tracked in various locations and often forgotten

On the other hand, battleship enterprise systems, sell themselves as including a “complete quality” module. Interpretation… you will end up having to create work-around systems that leave you no better off than if you had built your own paper-based system in the first place.

CIS cartoon

As a quality professional or senior manager you already know how critically important quality products and services are to your customers. That’s why implementing a fully-integrated software package like CIS is so important:

  1. It keeps you in compliance, operating well within your corporate culture on critical decisions and staying on the right side of all relevant governmental regulations and the law.
  2. It gets you to market more efficiently, with less risk and fewer unpredictable expenses.
  3. It increases efficiencies and effectiveness of:
    1. Mission-critical employees
    2. Mission-critical processes
    3. Procurement
    4. Capital resources
    5. Customer-facing services
  4. It allows you to focus on your job and make decisions based on facts.

And it costs less than your current paper-based system! Want proof?

Book a demo and see for yourself why we have customers for life. It could be the best decision you’ll make all year. Download Improving-Food-Safety-and-Quality.

All the best,

Bill Horricks, P.Eng, MBA
Vice President & Founder
Horricks Management Group
Canadian Representative for CIS – Continuous Improvement Software