How NOT To Get Snagged by a Hacker’s Phishing Attack

phishing attackIt’s hard to believe that people still fall prey to phishing attacks but Norman Guadagno’s article published on Carbonite, “Don’t get hooked: Four email phishing scams to watch out for” proves how sophisticated phishing emails can be and what to watch out for.

“About 100,000 email phishing attacks are reported each month and thousands of people fall for them, compromising sensitive personal and business information in the process, according to The Anti-Phishing Workgroup.

The FBI believes email phishing scams helped cybercriminals breach IT security defenses at Yahoo and the Democratic National Committee. The same goes for the famous Sony Pictures hack of 2014.

Email phishing scams are regularly used by cybercriminals who want to spread ransomware and gain access to sensitive personal and business information—and phishing attacks are on the rise, according to a new report from Wombat Security Technologies, a company that specializes in helping businesses avoid phishing emails.

“The threat of phishing attacks is real. News headlines and numerous studies have proven that phishing attacks are on the rise, and our survey of security professionals showed the same,” the report reads. “Not only are more organizations reporting being the victim of phishing attacks, but the number they are experiencing has gone up. Attackers are becoming more sophisticated and varied in their approach, using multiple threat vectors.”

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