Inventory Management and Traceability Software Updates for May 2016

word cloudFresh produce companies continue to focus on improving their business processes, including obtaining accurate information, effective lot control, recall and traceability. Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software solves all these issues, and is constantly being updated to meet the dynamic needs of customers. What has your inventory software done for you lately? Here are the updates made to PICS during May:

  • Added code to the Sales Order screen such that when you click the stock # link, if the highlighted item is a Miscellaneous stock item, the Miscellaneous Stock Items screen will be opened instead of the Stock Items screen.
  • Fixed a bug in the Costing Charges entry screen such that charges in home currency could (in certain cases) end up with an exchange rate.
  • Enhanced the Sales Order Shipping screen such that the sublocation will be automatically filled in certain cases when the program is able to determine it.
  • Added code to the Logo screen to display a message (for user’s flagged as Supervisor) if the CopyPICS routine has not been run for more than 1 day. This makes it more obvious that a proper backup has not been made.
  • Fixed a problem in the Sales Order screen where sales orders in a different currency were showing the cost in home currency, and hence the profit $ and profit/gross margin % were not calculated correctly.
  • Adjusted the menu such that the Inbound Load screen can now be accessed via the File menu. This is a newer version of the Inbound Load screen, which will ultimately replace the old one which comes forward from the Purchase Order/Receiving screen. One thing you can now do because of this is delete “orphaned” loads.
  • Added code to audit changes made in the sales order shipping screen.
  • Added a Sales Order Substitution screen. It can be used to change the stock items on one or more sales orders to a different stock number. You can access it off the Utilities, Special Utilities screen. Please contact us for more info if you have questions.

If finding a reliable Inventory Management and Traceability software package for your fresh produce business is on your To Do List, get in touch with us. We’d be happy to offer you a complimentary consultation and demo of PICS and show you how it will improve your process and profits!