March’s New Features and Enhancements to Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) Software

exceptional evaluationNot only do we provide exceptional technical support for customers using our Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software and Web-Based Produce Inventory Control System (WebPICS) software, we also provide outstanding software support by developing improvements and enhancements to PICS and WebPICS. During March:

  • We are in the process of adding 14 more standard price levels to PICS, which will mean that there will be 20 in total. This is a very large programming project requiring us to significantly change about 10 screens and dozens of supporting programs.
  • We have added an Outbound load automatic sort increment system control to the system. When adding sales orders to outbound loads, the sort order can be autofilled by using this system control. The default is zero, which means PICS won’t do anything. If you give this system control a value (for example 100) then when a sales order is added to the outbound load, PICS will determine the previous highest sort order used, and add this system control to it. So following our example, the first sales order added with be sort order 100, the second will be 200, etc. By using 100, it would allow you to insert other orders in between, by changing the sort order (for example) 150.
  • We have added a Print All SO (sales orders) button to the outbound load screen. This allows the user to click this one button and have all the sales orders on the outbound load printed one after the other.
  • Added a system control which allows you to choose the program you wish to use for opening XLS and XLSX files. You can choose excel.exe for Microsoft Excel, or scalc.exe for Apache Open Office. This is used in conjunction with the XLS= setting in the PICS.INI file.
  • Added a new Load Profit report to PICS. It is similar to the Account Sales, except it has all the revenue first, then all the costs second. Note that in its current version, it will only work for buy/sell. If any of the items have been repacked or packed, this report will (currently) not include the labour, overhead and/or cost of packaging materials.
  • We have created a new Inventory Count screen in WebPICS IV. This screen allows you to scan a barcode for an item and then view/adjust the qty in stock for the item. The first customer who used this said it was “straight forward and easy to use”.
  • Added code to speed up the stock lots screen refresh for lots which have many transactions (i.e. many thousands or more)

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