NEW! Time Saving Way of Calling Up Stock Inquiries

We have significantly enhanced the Sales Orders for Stock/lot and Transfers for Stock/lot inquiries. These inquiries can be accessed via the Stock menu which appears at the top right of the menu when you open the Stock Items and/or Stock Lots screens. When you use these 2 inquiries, they will still bring up lists that can scrolled like they did before, but when you press enter on a row, they will open the appropriate sales order or stock transfer. We plan to switch the rest of the inquiries over to this new way of working in the near future.

This really saves time because you no longer need to make note of the sales order or transfer you want to look at … you simply scroll to it and press enter or double (or right) click.

stock items in PICS

Here are more updates we made to PICS during May:

  • Added a new FOB button to the Grower’s Pay screen so that you can see the detailed information PICS used to calculate the FOB price on screen.
  • Improved the Check button on the Sales Order screen such that it can be shown/hidden globally and/or by user. Further, we have added auditing code for when Sales Orders are checked and unchecked.
  • Reworked the AR Receipts list so it is now also searchable by Customer Alpha Sort.
  • Added a Create Load field to the vendor screen, which is checked by default. When you add a new Purchase Order, PICS will check this flag to see if a load needs to be created. For vendors where this field is checked, it works as it did in the past where a load will be created for every PO. If you uncheck this field in the vendor, then when you add a PO, a Load will not be created by default. Note that you will need to add the load later in order to receive the PO.
  • Enhanced the code which allows you to save reports to CSV or XLS files to give a clearer and comprehensive error message when you try to save to a location for which you do not have sufficient rights.

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