Buyer Sales Analysis Summary and Detail Report

We have added Buyer Sales Analysis summary and detail report to the Sales Analysis reports menu.

What security features does PICS offer?

It just makes good business sense to safeguard the integrity of your systems and data. All menu items in PICS, as well as numerous functions within screens can be controlled on a user by user basis. An unlimited number of password protected User Profiles can be set up, and items which users do not have…Read More

Storage Unit

We have enhanced the Storage unit screen to show the sales order number that a storage unit was shipped on, as well as a link to the sales order screen. Clicking this link will open the Sales order screen on that order. We also added the label from the stock lot record to the list…Read More

Purchase Order

We have enhanced the PO by Stock and PO by Lot inquiry to show the unit and the qty ordered and qty received are now both shown in this unit

Account Receivable Receipts

We have enhanced the A/R Receipts screen such that the balance field will change to yellow in colour if the amount in it is not zero. This is of interest to our customers who use alternate units –> We have enhanced the pricing logic in the sales order screen such that if you change the…Read More

Charles Waud interviewed for Americafruit Magazine

The next issue of Americafruit Magazine will include a feature on Food Safety and Traceability.  Maura Maxwell requested an update from WaudWare president, F. Charles Waud regarding the latest product and service offerings for the fresh produce industry, projects WaudWare will be focusing on in 2012 and technological advances that have had the biggest impact…Read More

What are PICS’s strengths in terms of accounting functions?

Here are the top 3 strengths that make PICS your best choice for produce software: For Accounts Payable – PICS provides fast voucher entry with multiple distribution capability, system generated and manual cheques supported, as well as bank draft and wire transfers. For Accounts Receivable – PICS provides automated send and receive of A/R information…Read More

Create Purchase Order from Sales Order

We have added the ability to Create a Purchase Order from a Sales Order.

Attaching Scanned Documents

We have added the ability to add and remove scanned documents (and other files) to documents in PICS. This can be used for document imaging and much more. For example, you can attach scanned signature copies to Sales Orders. This can allow you to completely eliminate filing!

PICS Rewrite

We are excited to announce that, starting in January 2012, PICS and other related WaudWare products will be completely rewritten. Why are we doing this? One of our fundamental operating philosophies has always been to make business decisions in the best interests of our customers. We attribute our success and longevity (22 years in business)…Read More