PICS Software is on Top of CFIA Changes

At WaudWare, we’re very aware of governmental changes that have the potential to affect our software and your business. Off the shelf software manufacturers can’t respond to every change or nuance. Software built especially for the fresh produce industry can.

Canada’s best selling software is Produce Inventory Control System – PICS for short. Why gamble with your business? Stay current with PICS.

Here are a few of the software enhancements we made to PICS during July. Time for a PICS demo? Book it your way today.

  • Created a new Function called FmtDate which can be used to convert a date in date format to a character string in the format YY MM DD where YY is the last 2 digits of the year (i.e. 19 for 2019), MM is an abbreviation as dictated by CFIA (see and DD is the 2 digit day number. For example, 07/23/2019 would be returned as 19 JL 23. This function is intended to be used on reports such as the stock label program.
  • We added a warning to the (old) AP Reconciliation screen to warn and ask the user if they really want to proceed when they try to reconcile a future dated payment.
  • We also added capability to the Bank Reconciliation screen to handle the case where a future payment has been cleared by the bank early.

Is Your Fresh Produce Industry Software Up to Date?

The need for continuously updated software couldn’t be more important these days, especially in view of constantly changing rules and regulations. Does your business need a little more software customization? We’ve got you covered. Request your PICS demo and business consultation today with Canadian produce industry software expert and president of WaudWare, Charles Waud. You’ll be glad you did!