Shortcuts for Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) Software

Action Short Cut Keys Function

keyboard shortcutsThe PICS program has been designed to allow the user to use keyboard short-cuts to achieve the same results, which some users find is faster than using the mouse. The following is a list of actions that can be performed via keyboard short-cut keys.

To access the pull down menu, use the Alt key + the underlined letter in the Menu title. This will allow the user to display the screens/functions under the menu option. (Example: Alt+F will display the screens listed under the File option). Next, to access an item from the pull-down menu press the underlined letter of the screen or sub-menu. For example:

  • To access the Customer screen: Alt + F, followed by C
  • Production submenu: Alt + F, followed by D
  • Work Order screen: Alt + F, followed by D, then W

When viewing a screen, the following functions are generally available (some of these functions may be disabled in certain situations):

  • Add = Ctrl + A
  • Edit = Ctrl + E
  • Delete = Ctrl + D
  • Top = No short-cut key
  • Prior = Ctrl + Page Up
  • Next = Ctrl + Page Down
  • Bottom = No short-cut key
  • Find = Ctrl + F
  • List = Ctrl + L
  • Save = F10
  • Cancel = Esc key (Escape)
  • Close = Esc key (Escape) when in View mode.

Buttons on screens often also have keyboard shortcuts associated to them. To “press” a button on a screen, Alt + the underlined letter is equivalent to a mouse-click on the button.

Harness the power of PICS software! Press F1 when you’re in PICS and search for easy to follow instructions on a multitude of topics.