What an Effective Document Management System Can Do For Your Business!

Guest Blogger, Bill Horricks, P.Eng, MBA, Vice President & Founder of Horricks Management Group, Canadian representative of CIS – Continuous Improvement Software shares expert advice on what to look for in a document management system.

CIS logoNo matter the industry, document management is the foundation of all Quality Management Systems (QMS). Far more than simple record-keeping, your document management system is the single source of proof that:

• the right things took place,
• the right people were involved,
• the right processes were followed,
• the right products/services were delivered.

So how does your system stack up? Would you consider it one of your competitive advantages? Is it keeping up with your ever-increasing workload and providing you with solid data to speed up decision making? Not so sure?

Perhaps it’s time to look at other options…

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