Exporting to the U.S.?

If you are exporting into the U.S. did you know that WaudWare’s PICS (Produce Inventory Control System) software can produce the Proforma Invoice? Also, the Create Purchase Order from Sales Order feature in PICS has been enhanced. Customers using it love it!

Does PICS run on a Mac?

Not yet. But the version we are writing in Java does. So stay tuned.

Does PICS Run on iPhones and iPads?

Yes! Through the use of an RDP client, such as Pocket Cloud from Wyse, you can easily run PICS on iPhones and iPads. The  WaudWare Team as well as some WaudWare customers have been doing this for well over a year. Further, all components of WebPICS work on iPhones and iPads as well.

Can I use PICS to do Growers Pay?

Yes! PICS includes a robust ability to report on product brought to you to sell on behalf of a grower(s). If you pack the product into one or more packages and/or combine it with other products, or just sell it directly, PICS will take all the revenue from those sales, reduce the revenue by rebates…Read More

Can PICS Handle Document Imaging?

Yes! We have added the ability to attach various files (pdf, xls, etc.) to documents in PICS – Produce Inventory Control System software. For example, signed copies of your delivery forms can be scanned and attached directly to the sales order they apply to. Another example would be photographs of products you receive. These can…Read More

Can I Use PICS for a Safety Recall?

Yes. Incoming or grown produce can be traced to either where it is packed/repacked and/or sold. If you perform multiple steps with the product, they can be easily traced as well. For example, say you receive cantalopes and process them into cantaloupe chunks. Then you receive melons and process them into melon chunks. Then you…Read More

What are the standard components and add-ons for PICS?

Standard PICS components and available add-ons are described below: PICS (Produce Inventory Control System) Regular – PICS Regular is our flagship software program, of which at least one license is required. PICS effectively handles all the specific day to day needs of companies who work in the produce industry, such as traceability, buying, selling, inventory,…Read More

What security features does PICS offer?

It just makes good business sense to safeguard the integrity of your systems and data. All menu items in PICS, as well as numerous functions within screens can be controlled on a user by user basis. An unlimited number of password protected User Profiles can be set up, and items which users do not have…Read More

What are PICS’s strengths in terms of accounting functions?

Here are the top 3 strengths that make PICS your best choice for produce software: For Accounts Payable – PICS provides fast voucher entry with multiple distribution capability, system generated and manual cheques supported, as well as bank draft and wire transfers. For Accounts Receivable – PICS provides automated send and receive of A/R information…Read More

What types of reports does PICS generate to help me manage my produce business?

There are up to 3 levels of reporting and over 200 standard reports to choose from. A quick custom report writer is included and an optional enhanced custom report designer is available. Here is a sampling of available reports: Sales & Profit Analysis – By customer, product, product category, salesperson, vendor, customer/product or product/customer Profit…Read More