Food Safety Leadership Award

Hosted by NSF-GFTC, the Safe Food Canada Symposium provided insights on the food industry’s regulatory landscape, global supply chains and business ethics. NSF-GFTC’s Food Safety Recognition Awards are designed to highlight success stories in the Canadian food safety landscape such as scientific contribution, public education advancement, and technology or process innovations as they apply to food safety.

The Food Safety Leadership Award is presented to an individual who drives food safety excellence and inspires others through their passion and actions.

The Food Safety Leadership Award was presented to Heather Gale, Executive Director of CanadaGAP for her active role in introducing successful food safety initiatives within the fresh produce industry.

The development of the CanadaGAP program began through the CHC and Heather led the program through CFIA Technical Review, GFSI benchmarking and the program’s successful transition to CanAgPlus and integration of the CPMA’s wholesale and repack program into the CanadaGAP program.

[article courtesy of the Canadian Horticultural Council]