Great News: A/P Remittance via EmFx now available in PICS!

accounts payableDid you know that PICS (Produce Inventory Control System software) now has the ability to send AP Remittances (for Canadian Cheque, U.S. Check, EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) and/or Wire Transfer) via EmFx Regular and EmFx Lite?

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For EmFx Lite users

You now have the ability to send out A/P Remittances one at a time. Simply go to the A/P Payments screen, find the payment you wish to send an A/P Remittance for, and click on the EmFx Remittance button. Done!

A/P Payments Screen

For EmFx Regular users

You now have the ability to send out multiple A/P Remittances (for Export payment types) with the click of a button (when using the Make Payments screen). To enable this feature, simply add the necessary Contact record(s) for the Vendor you wish to send an A/P Remittance for and check off the “Email Remittance” box.

We’ve also enhanced AP Payment processes such that you can make your Export type payments and send out A/P Remittances with just a few clicks. The final step in the “Make Payments” screen allows you to send out all the A/P Remittance(s) from this process. With one click, you can send out all your Export type A/P Remittances. No more saving the AP Remittances to a PDF and emailing them out manually!

Here’s how the new and improved documents look. We’re really happy with the new style – and we hope you are too!

AP Remittance Sample CAD Cheque type


AP Remittance Sample USD Check type


AP Remittance Sample Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) type


AP Remittance Sample Wire Transfer type

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