Progress in the Produce Industry

Produce Industry Update, by F. Charles Waud… “Following the success of the initial offering of the CPMA/NSF Canada online Food Safety, Regulatory and Quality Assurance workshops, new workshop dates have been announced. The workshops are specifically targeted toward small, and medium-sized local growers, packers and shippers, however all produce supply chain personnel are welcome and encouraged to attend. The topics covered in the workshops will include food safety principles, an overview of the current regulatory landscape, the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations and an introduction to quality assurance principles.” [source: CPMA Member Bulletin – July 24, 2020] Click for details of the August workshop. Click for details of the October workshop.

Who Releases Monthly Software Updates for Produce Industry Software?

specialized software for the fresh produce industryWe do! Here’s how we improved our Produce Inventory Control System (PICS) software in July. Dive in to see all the continuous updates and improvements we’ve made to PICS here.

  • Enhanced the AP Vouchers screen. We renamed the “Payments” button to “Enter Manual Payment” (and removed the hot key). We added a Payment link (with Alt+Y hotkey). And we reorganized the right side of the screen slightly.
  • Enhanced the Bank Rec printing program to handle the case where there were no un-reconciled transactions. Previously, it produced a blank page in this case.
  • Added the ability to send out automated Collections emails via a CodeRunner script. This feature requires EmFx Regular.
  • Added a No Collections field to the customer table and screen. This would be checked for customer to whom you do not want to send collections emails.
  • Added a No Collections field to the AR Voucher Header table and screen. This would be checked for AR Vouchers which you do not want to send collections emails about.
  • Enhanced the GL Journal Posting program to not complain about out of balance GL Journal entries if the system control to allow them is switch on. We don’t think it is ever a good idea to have out of balance GL Journals, but there have been cases where it was needed.

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